Booth Stories

What is Booth Stories?

Booth Stories picks a particular theme and Booth students like YOU share stories related to the topic to fellow Booth classmates. Each Booth Stories event typically features 3-6 student speakers that speak for about 6-8 minutes and end with 2 minute Q&A from the audience.

Nothing is recorded, no judgments, just realness. It's a time for us to get away from the craziness and listen to real life stories from our classmates and friends. We also encourage and invite Booth Partners to join.

How often does Booth Stories take place?

There are typically 2-3 events per quarter.

What do people talk about?

Topics vary for each session and the speaker’s interpretation of the topic is up to them! We’ve heard all types of stories. Some share in triumphs or tragedies. Some talk about overcoming obstacles, navigating uncertainty, or embracing unresolved endings...and some are just plain laugh out loud funny. See below for examples of past topics.

For questions, please reach out to the Booth Voices committee team.