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Welcome Chicago Booth!

Chicago Booth is committed to offering access to a top-tier business education for both US and international women. In partnership with the groups and associations listed below, we continue to work toward a greater percentage of women at Booth, while at the same time, providing support, networking, and fellowship opportunities. Please see below for resources both within and beyond the Booth community.

Booth Women Connect Conference 2019

Experience an extraordinary day of bold ideas, spirited discussion, practical insights, and impactful networking with a community of leading women professionals. Gain tools and frameworks you can use to accelerate your personal and professional growth. The conference is an excellent way for prospective students to experience the community of Booth women students and alumnae.

Chicago Booth WOmen's Network

The Chicago Booth Women's Network is the global network for all female graduates of Chicago Booth, regardless of program or graduation year. Founded by alumnae volunteers in 2002, Chicago Booth Women's Network offers a global community for Chicago Booth women while supporting and promoting women in business worldwide. In addition to participating in admission events, members cohost "Women's Week" receptions for interested students to learn more about Chicago Booth from a woman's perspective.

Mothers at booth (MAB)

Mothers at Booth (MaB) helps student mothers and eventual working mothers-to-be to achieve academic and professional success that accommodates a vibrant family life by providing community support and resources. MaB believes that greater visibility and information about motherhood during and after business school will help both prospective and current students make more informed and satisfying academic and career decisions.

Beyond Booth

Chicago Booth is proud to work in partnership with the following associations to increase the number of women in our program, support our current students, offer fellowship awards, and provide mentorship and networking opportunities with other women in business: