What we do

Our Events

With a mix of flagship events - such as the Fall Conference and Spring Formal - as well as ongoing programming, CWiB seeks to support our members by fostering community, promoting personal and professional growth, and empowering members to succeed in the workplace and beyond.

Beyond our own events, we also collaborate with Booth professional centers like the Kilts Center for Marketing and affinity group including OUTreach and AAMBAA.

Ongoing programs

Professional Development Speaker & Workshop Series: Throughout the year, CWiB puts on a variety of events to promote professional development, including coffee chats with Sponsor firms and professional speaker panels.

Social Events: In addition to social events for our community, CWiB Circles consist of ~4-6 1Y and 2Y CWiB members and are an opportunity for members across classes and industries to strengthen the community of women at Booth. Each Circle has a designated Circle Leader who coordinates a monthly event for her circle.

Personal Development: In addition to professional-focus events, CWiB promotes members' personal growth and development. CWiB hosts events related to fertility, managing a dual working family, and personal finances.

Gender Equity & Booth Equity Allies: Our membership option for Booth students and partners who do not identify as women. We work with allies to build a stronger community and host events on how to manage bias, build muscle memory, and make an impact.