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2021 Emerging markets summit

The New Paradigm: The Way Forward for Emerging Markets

The New Paradigm: The Way Forward for Emerging Markets

April 16-17, 2021 | Virtual

Emerging Markets Summit is the largest student-led conference at Chicago Booth. Emerging Markets Summit is a platform for professionals and students to learn and discuss about emerging markets.

The COVID-19 pandemic, international trade wars, and the global rise of populism have transformed the world and business as we knew it. Leaders in emerging markets seek to understand this new paradigm and chart a path through the uncertainty, towards sustainable economic growth. Many questions arise in this new environment: How will the way businesses operate change because of the coronavirus? How will industries change? And how will the world change?

With their favorable demographic outlook, thirst for innovation, and growing ability to leapfrog past old systems, emerging markets will play a critical role in tackling these global challenges, while leveraging their own unique strengths to do so. Join us at the 2021 Booth Emerging Markets Summit (EMS) as government leaders, entrepreneurs, investors, executives, and academics from across regions and disciplines gather for a day of spirited conversation to identify these unique strengths. Through a series of global and regional panels, we hope to expand on our theme, “The New Paradigm: The Way Forward for Emerging Markets” with professionals from Africa, Asia Pacific, Latin America, South Asia, and the Middle East on Friday, April 16 & Saturday April 17.