emerging markets summit

aPRIL 2-6, 2024 | virtual

Chicago Booth's largest student-led conference


Emerging Markets - 2024 and Beyond...
- Evolving Market Landscapes

April 2024

Emerging Markets Summit is the largest student-led conference at Chicago Booth. Emerging Markets Summit is a platform for professionals and students to learn and discuss about emerging markets.

As we adapt to the post-pandemic world, emerging markets continue to adapt and remain resilient despite global supply chain constraints, an inflationary environment, rising geopolitical tensions and the possibility of deglobalization. Aptly, this year's summit is themed "Emerging Markets - 2024 and Beyond ... Evolving Market Landscapes." As we get ready for the new world order, emerging markets stand poised to transform uncertainty into opportunity, advancing their roles in the global economy and, in the process, helping to shape the balance of global power.

With their favorable demographic outlook, thirst for innovation, and growing ability to leapfrog past old systems, emerging markets will play a critical role in tackling these global challenges, while leveraging their own unique strengths to do so. Join us at this year's summit as leaders from both the public and private sectors gather for a series of conversations to identify these unique strengths.

Date & Time Region Topic Speakers
April 2nd, 2024, 12 noon CT Africa Doing Business in Africa: Navigating the Risk-Reward Trade-Off Dr. Acha Leke: Senior Partner and Chairman, McKinsey & Company, Africa
April 3rd, 2024, 12 noon CT Latin America Entrepreneurship Through Acquisition in Latin America Arthur Martins (Booth '20): Managing Partner, Kilimanjaro Capital; CEO, Labsoft Tecnologia

Daniel Ortiz: Managing Partner, Nogal Capital

Alexander Saller: Partner, Spectra Investments

Santiago Villalobos (Booth '16): Managing Partner, Nexxus Capital
April 6th, 2024, 10 am CT South Asia The Decoupling of India Public Markets: Beyond a Landmark Year, What’s Ahead? Avinash Godkhindi (Booth '08): MD and CEO of Zaggle

Sunil Thakur: Partner and IC-Member at Quadria Capital

Darius Pandole (Booth '92): MD and CEO at JM Financial