2020-2021 is upon us!

2019-2020  Welcome Packet

Who are We?

The Booth Partners Club is an official Booth club comprised of spouses and significant others (all types are welcome) of Booth students. In addition to providing a variety of special events throughout the school year, we also have a diverse range of special interest groups that organize monthly social activities. Once you become a member, you are welcome to participate in all special events and special interest group activities. Joining the club is an incredible way to make some instant friends and have some fun in the city!

Why Should you Join?

Moving to a new city is incredibly difficult but supporting your partner is worth it! We want to make sure you feel as welcomed as possible as you and your Boothie embark on this new adventure together. We have second year partners who were in your shoes just last year. When you join our club, we support you from providing guidance on finding a place to live to showing you around the several cool neighborhoods Chicago has to offer! We host several events that reaches a broad range of interests- not only will you get to experience new things but you will make friends doing it! If you have any questions, feel free to contact us!