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Current Students

Hello, gamers! At the Strategy Game Club, we welcome anyone who likes to have some fun playing games. It's a fantastic way to de-stress from the recruiting pressure and meet Boothies whom you might not have interacted with in the past. We have game options that span across simpler, shorter games and complex long games. You can choose which sessions to come to depending on your own preferences. Join the Club, join the fun, and make new friends!

Why join the group?

  • Zero prior game experience required - all are welcome!
  • Fantastic escape from the recruiting bubble!
  • Hot entertainment in the Chicago winter (think polar vertex)!
  • Meet more classmates who are fun-lovers like yourself and whom you may not have interacted with in the past!
  • Different levels of games from simpler ones to more complex ones!

Members Benefits

  • Free weekly game sessions at a convenient location
  • Free snacks (want some hand-made cookies from the co-chairs?)
  • Free entry to the annual Catan Tournament and stand a chance to win attractive prizes! (even after graduation)