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Applying to the University of Chicago JD/MBA Program

Given the enormous overlap between law and business, the JD/MBA program is well suited to giving you a competitive advantage in your career. The joint program allows you to learn the relevant skills of both lawyers and business practitioners. In addition, the program will give you the tremendous resources of two very prominent alumni networks.

How do I apply to the program? Is there a joint application process?.
There is a joint application for the JD/MBA program available on the Booth website. The application also gives you the opportunity to indicate that you’d like to be considered for just the MBA program and/or just the HJD program, in the event you are not admitted to the joint program.

How long does the program take?
The program takes either three or four year to complete, depending on if you are in the accelerated program.  The curriculum and residency requirements are flexible and school will work with you to ensure that you attain the course balance that you would like.

Do I have to take both the GMAT and LSAT?
No. Starting with the Fall 2020 admissions cycle, the JD/MBA program accepts the GRE, GMAT or LSAT for admission.

Do you have to apply to both programs at the same time?
No. While it is recommended that you apply to the JD/MBA program via the joint application (especially if you are interested in the three-year JD/MBA program), the Fall 2020 cycle is the last admissions cycle where we will accept applications from first-year law students who want to pursue the accelerated three-year JD/MBA. After that cycle, first year law students will only be considered for the four-year JD/MBA program. Students in their first year of business school can only apply for the four-year JD/MBA program.

Can I still participate in the Law School's Doctoroff Business Leadership Program as a JD/MBA?
Yes, JD/MBA candidates are eligible to participate in the Doctoroff Program. The completion of Booth's core curriculum will satisfy the Doctoroff Program's required business courses. 

Is it easier to get into one of the programs if I am already admitted to another?
Unfortunately, it is not easier to get into one program after being admitted to the other.  While admission to one of the programs is certainly a valuable credential on your resume, each school will still maintain its normal high standards in reviewing your application. 

Where do I spend each year?
The University of Chicago gives maximum flexibility in how to allocate your time between the two schools, presenting multiple options:
  • In the three-year program, you spend the first year dedicated to the law school, the second year dedicated to the business school and the third year as a combination
  • You can spend one year dedicated to the law school, the next year dedicated to the business school, and final two years between both programs.
  • You can spend one year dedicated to the business school, the next year dedicated to the law school, and your final two years between both programs.
  • You can spend two years at the law school, one year at the business school, and your final year between both programs.