From: Gustavo Menendez Ramirez
Date: February 8, 2016
Subject: Hello BDC! Ready for our V-Day Seduction Workshop?

Besides being a very unique way to express your V-day wishes, this class will also give you a great workout,  and a self-confidence boost. So get ready to step it up!

Hello Adventurous Dancers!

No V-day gift ready? No problem!!
As we promised, we are going to have a seduction / lap-dancing / strip-teasing workshop this valentine's day weekend, on saturday 13th. You can click on the event for more details, but basically it will include 1) a 1.5 hour class at a pole dance studio and 2) A mixer with bubbles and sweets. 

We will soon send Booth-wide invite, but we are giving our members a heads-up first (and better price). So get your seduction on and join us for this awesome event!

Your BDC Co-Chairs,
Max Fresnos (Gus), Fantasia Loveless (Alyssa), Rex Steel (Pietro), Dallas Glitz (Lindsay), Randy Amatore (Ravi),  Sugar Ridge (Cindy)

Valentine's Day Workshop Logo


Valentine's Day Workshop

Saturday, February 13, 2016
12:00pm - 2:00pm
Chicago Academy of Pole & Dance, 1550 W. Carroll Ave, Chicago, ILLIN 60607, United States
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Are you in a Vday gift crunch? Booth Dance Club has you covered! We will be hosting a "Seduction Workshop" teaching the basics of lap dancing, strip-teasing, etc. so you can make this Vday (or any other day) memorable. It is also a fantastic workout and confidence booster!
The event will be exclusively for Booth students (and partners) and includes:
- 1.5 hrs of dancing workshop
- Mixer with "Bubbles" & Sweets
*IMPORTANT: Even if the event is full GET ON THE WAITLIST! We will open up more spots if enough people are interested.