Date: December 19, 2014
Subject: MESG Newsletter: 12-19-2014


Dec 19, 2014


Sarah Alexander
Chris Brimmage
Phil Caruso
Jeffrey Chao
Gabrielle Cristobal
Maile Housel


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A Note from the Co-Chairs

Happy Holidays!


New Job Opportunities

[Internship] Sustainable Chicago Sports Project Winter & Spring Internship (due Dec 31st)

The Sustainable Chicago Sports Project is an environmental conservation effort led by the Green Chicago Restaurant Coalition (‘GCRC’), the City of Chicago, and the University of Chicago. This project is set to last through June 2014, when the Green Sports Alliance Summit will be held in Chicago. The Sustainable Chicago Sports Project will engage a wide array of stakeholders, including experts in waste, water, stormwater and energy management, food procurement, pollution reduction, construction, transportation, and operations to identify and implement sustainability best practices at each stadium and with each team in Chicago’s sports industry.

Fan Engagement Internship

Intern will create a multimedia campaign to highlight the sustainability efforts that are already being undertaken by teams and stadiums in Chicago

  • ?  Posters on CTA bus stops and trains

  • ?  Highlights on Conserve Chicago’s site

  • ?  City information panels

  • ?  Team/stadiums websites

  • ?  Campaign during Earth Week in April

Project Management Internship

Intern will actively manage this project from a coordination standpoint. While GCRC staff are in charge of managing the overall project, the management intern will work to ensure that all involved parties (student groups at University of Chicago, the City of Chicago, GCRC, and teams & stadiums) are in communication and that everyone is up to date on the progress of the project. This intern will also be in charge of managing a database of information for the project. The Management Intern will be in contact with all involved parties and will be responsible for checking in on a regular basis.


Please email resumes and cover letters to Sarah Hiddler ( ASAP.  Interviews will take place the first week of January, and the project will begin shortly afterwards.

If you have any general questions about the internships, feel free to reach out to Maile Housel (