Date: September 26, 2014
Subject: MESG Newsletter: 09-26-2014


September 26, 2014


Sarah Alexander
Chris Brimmage
Phil Caruso
Jeffrey Chao
Gabrielle Cristobal
Stacey Ergang
Maile Housel


A Note from the Co-Chairs

Hi MESGers,

Welcome back to campus and and round two of your MBA experience! Rememeber, if you run into bright-eyed first years interested in the media, entertainment, or sports industies, point them our way!

MESG Reads

Every week, MESG offers an interesting read related to the media, entertainment, or sports industries.

Booth is a global community...and those Golden Gargoyles videos were pretty sweet. NVC idea, perhaps?

New Job Opportunities

[Full-Time] Comcast/NBCUniversal MBA Rotational Leadership Program

Comcast is recruiting for the next class of its Comcast/NBCUniversal top-tier MBA Rotational Leadership Program. Participants will work on critical, cross-functional projects in leading edge areas while developing networks and experiences designed to accelerate careers and develop a cadre of future senior leaders. Current projects include areas such as Digital Media Strategy, Product Development, Research, and Strategy Planning. Individualized placement into career accelerating positions follows initial two year rotational period.


[Full-Time] Priority Sports & Entertainment Football Agent

Work with a team of professional NFL Agents who will act as your mentors in becoming an NFL certified agent! Responsibilities include maintaining an NFL contract database, preparing recruiting materials for presentations, managing a prospect list, coordinating football department communication, recruiting prospects, and assisting with day-to-day management of current clients. MBA or JD required.

Reference: GTS #2144734

Job Opportunities (posted in prior weeks)

[Full-Time] NFL Junior Rotational Program (due September 26)

At the core of the NFL's Junior Rotational Program is a series of work assignments which will provide participants with an opportunity to contribute to the organization's success while receiving an unparalleled learning experience. Program participants will complete several rotations over a defined period. During each rotation, participants are placed in a department for 6 to 12 months with project-based assignments.