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About Us


Thank you for visiting us today. Booth Africa is a student-led organization at the University of Chicago's Booth School of Business. Our mission is to build a close-knit community for the growing number of Chicago Booth students who have a strong interest in issues, events, and activities related to Africa. If you share similar interests, and are not a Booth student yet, our community includes YOU! We welcome everyone, from all nationalities and backgrounds.

Please enjoy getting to know us through our website. We hope to meet or hear from you soon.


Your co-chairs



We support group members in achieving success both at Chicago Booth and in all future endeavors and attract African students to Chicago Booth through our coordinated outreach efforts


We provide a forum for professional networking among Chicago Booth students and alumni with an interest and/or experience in African development


We promote and expose business opportunities in Africa and promote awareness of African culture and heritage at Chicago Booth

For Prospectives

We love to talk about Booth with prospective students and we invite you to contact us to be connected with a student that aligns to your function, industry or region of interest.

For Current Students

We support current students from day one and make it our mission to help them achieve their goals for their MBA. In true Booth fashion, our current students pay it forward by helping new students and prospectives.

For Alumni

You never stop being a member of the Booth Africa community. We connect student with alumni and create opportunities for alumni to stay engaged with the Booth campus.

For Employers / Startups

For employers, we provide priority access to our group of talented, globally-minded student. We frequently partner with recruiters in hosting networking events on and off-campus, and in promoting relevant job postings to our members.

For startups, we have many members that are interested in advising and working with startups and bring a wealth of experience in various industries, including technology, venture capital, consulting, banking and nonprofits.

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Prince Akonor Asare


Dina Gazayerli


Kwame Fynn


Tatiana Kensoung Nguemo


Lucky Ilodigwe


Michael Thomas

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