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About Us

The Booth E/W AI Club at Chicago Booth will be dedicated to empowering our members with insights from industry experts, alumni connections and educational resources to succeed in the new age of generative AI.

We are on the quest to become the #1 Business School student run AI Club 🚀









Who is the AI Club for ?

Every Chicago Booth Student ! No other student club cuts across industries, professions with a theme as topical and socially relevant as AI.

The Explorer

I am new to AI and would like to learn how I can use AI as a productivity tool in business settings ( just like learning MS Office for the first time )

The Strategist

I would like to learn how to apply AI in my profession ( ex. consultant, analyst, investment banker, investor, marketer ) and industry ( ex. Healthcare, Finance )

The Builder

I wish to grow a career in tech industry with a focus on AI ( consulting, product management, business strategy, venture investing )

Members Benefits

Join the fastest growing student community at Chicago Booth

Exclusive Events

Student Treks to National Laboratories and AI centers of excellence

Weekly Coffee Chats with members and industry guest speakers

Educational Resources

Curated programs to enable students on applying AI for productivity

Join our dedicated Slack space to connect with AI experts

Industry Connections

Meet new students with shared interests

Engage with industry experts on latest AI trends

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We offer both student life time and annual membership options

Trial Membership


  • Slack Group ( 250+ members )

  • Access to Paid Events

  • Participate in Community Events

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  • Slack Group (250+ members)

  • Exclusive Events for Members

  • Access to Paid Events ( Discounted Price )

  • Priority on Field Trips and Industry Treks

  • Exclusive Community Resources

Annual Membership ( Early Bird )


  • Slack Group (250+ members )

  • Exclusive Events for Members

  • Access to Paid Events ( Discounted Price)

  • Priority on Field Trips and Industry Treks

  • Exclusive Community Resources

Meet the co-chairs

Vivek Bharathi Muruganandam

co-Founder, VP - Marketing and Strategic Initiatives

Iko Tsogtbayar

co-Founder, VP - Finance and Special Programs

Mayuri Naphade

VP - Membership and Engagement

Abhibroto Mukherjee

VP - Professional Development

Asia Klekowicz

VP - Education Programming

Shriya Bansal

VP - Outreach and Events

Theophilus Tenebe

VP - Community and Projects