2017 Emerging Markets Summit Featured Speaker

Abiola Oke

CEO and Publisher at OkayAfrica

  • Abiola Oke is the CEO and Publisher of OkayAfrica, the leading media company of its kind connecting a global audience to Africa.
  • Under Oke's leadership, OkayAfrica continues to grow to become the world’s leading youth media company for African content. OkayAfrica is a community of readers, artists, and creators that use the Okayafrica platform to bridge Africa and its diasporas. The company’s Headquarters are in the US with operations in South Africa, Nigeria and the U.K. with music marketing and distribution service, a creative services agency, and events producers.
  • As a passionate activist, Abiola serves on the board of various not-for-profit organizations including the Brooklyn YMCA, FACE Africa, MoCADA (Museum of Contemporary Diaspora Arts) and as an ambassador of the Monrovia Football Academy. He is a member of the United Nations Association and is a participant in the next generation of leaders & philanthropists supporting the Clinton Foundation. He also mentors for the Student Sponsor Partners, an organization that addresses the high school dropout crisis in New York City by providing under-served students with four years of college-preparatory education. He was one of a few selected speakers at UNICEF’s inaugural Global Innovations for Children and Youth Summit in Helsinki, Finland.
  • Oke is an avid traveler, music producer, radio host, painter and more. He is also the founder of The Book Club That Ended All Book Clubs, a four-year-old organization with over 350 members. Abiola is currently working on a book about youth in African boarding schools and a contributing writer for various online publications, including CNN and of course OkayAfrica.
  • Oke graduated from City University of New York’s City College., with a BA in Economics
  • Prior to joining Okayafrica, Abiola spent over ten years in the financial services industry holding senior executive positions at Morgan Stanley, Citigroup, TD Ameritrade, and Barclays PLC.