april 14, 2018

emerging markets summit

as global markets shift, so should the way you do business

"The Next Gold Rush: The Rise of the digital consumer in SE ASIA"

Boasting some of the world’s fastest growing markets and with close to 10% of the world’s population, the potential for entrepreneurs and investors in South East Asia is immense. By 2020, the region is predicted to have the world’s 5th largest economy, according to the World Economic Forum. What are are some of the unique challenges and opportunities in building and operating a business in the region? What reforms will be needed to bring together this group of diverse economies? How will this dynamic and growing population drive innovation across the world?


Governor, Stock Exchange of Thailand

  • Mr. Prinn is the Governor on the Board of the Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) and Managing Director of CLSA securities. As an influential economist in the Southeast Asia region, Prinn led the effort to develop the regional capital markets and helped spur economic growth in the private and public sectors.


CEO, Times Bridge; Former VP, Twitter AsiaPacific, Middle East and North Africa

  • Rishi Jaitly is the CEO of Times Bridge, Asia's largest investments & partnerships firm bringing the world's best ideas to India. Capitalized by India’s largest media company, the current portfolio of Times Bridge includes Airbnb, Coursera, Houzz, Mubi, Thrive, Uber, Vice and other world-class tech and media ventures eager to realize their India, Asia and global opportunity. Jaitly is the former Vice President, Asia Pacific, Middle East and North Africa for Twitter, where he built and led the teams which took Twitter into the region's high-growth emerging markets.
  • Earlier in his career, Jaitly was the Managing Director of Twitter India, the Head of Public/Private Partnerships for Google India, an aide to Google CEO Eric Schmidt, and a Director of the Knight Foundation and College Summit. He is the co-founder of India Voices, Michigan Corps, Kiva Detroit/Flint, the BMe Community & Citizen Millennial. A former Trustee of Princeton University and Commissioner of Higher Education in New Jersey, Jaitly lives in Chicago and splits his time between the US & Asia.


CEO, Karta Indonesia

  • Andrew Setiawan is the CEO and Co-Founder of Karta, the first profit sharing motorcycle advertising company in Indonesia. Karta is operational in over 20 cities in Indonesia and has given over $2M USD to bike drivers in less than on year of operation. Andrew is Forbes 30 under 30 for Asia 2018 and received the honorable Citizen 4.0 Under 40.


Head of Asia-Pac Strategy, Angel Island Capital; CEO, TAG Capital

  • Ms. Jing Su Vivatrat is the Head of Asia-Pacific Strategy at Angel Island Capital, a $3bn multi-strategy credit hedge fund, wholly owned by Golden Gate Capital. Formerly, Ms. Vivatrat worked extensively in Asia as a Founding Partner of The Asia Group and CEO of TAG Capital, providing strategic and capital advisory services to multinationals and financial sponsors in the region.


SHINE ZAW - AUNG, Founder, First Rangoon

  • Shine is the co-founder of First Rangoon, a consultancy which helps multinationals with market-entry into frontier economies. Shine is a honors fellow at Stanford University’s Center for International Security and Cooperation, a fellow at Myanmar government’s Institute for Strategy and International Studies, and a member of the advisory board for several VCs and start-ups operating in Burma and SE Asia.