emerging markets summit

aPRIL 11th - 22nd 2023 | virtual

Chicago Booth's largest student-led conference


Emerging Markets in The New World Order
- Remaining Resilient Through Uncertainty

April 2023

Emerging Markets Summit is the largest student-led conference at Chicago Booth. Emerging Markets Summit is a platform for professionals and students to learn and discuss about emerging markets.

The events of the past few years have been unprecedented. A global pandemic, a greater push towards ESG considerations, unrest in the Eastern Europe, rising inflation, the threat of a global recession, and a changing political landscape have all created a fog of global uncertainty. Aptly, this year's summit is themed "Emerging Markets in The New World Order: Remaining Resilient Through Uncertainty." As we get ready for the new world order, emerging markets stand poised to transform uncertainty into opportunity, advancing their roles in the global economy and, in the process, helping to shape the balance of global power.

With their favorable demographic outlook, thirst for innovation, and growing ability to leapfrog past old systems, emerging markets will play a critical role in tackling these global challenges, while leveraging their own unique strengths to do so. Join us at this year's summit as government leaders, entrepreneurs, investors, executives, and academicians from across regions and disciplines gather for a day of spirited conversation to identify these unique strengths.