design thinking bootcamp

learning design thinking with leading innovation studios in chicago

about the design thinking bootcamp

Design thinking is an iterative problem-solving process for finding unmet customer needs. It's a powerful tool for challenging assumptions and jumpstarting innovation through applied creativity.

Design Thinking Bootcamp is an interactive, hands-on experience structured over the course of 5 sessions, each hosted by a design and innovation studio in Chicago. In the past years our partners have included Accenture, Salesforce Ignite, IA Collaborative, and others.

Students learn a step in the design process, then implement what they've learned with a team to solve a real problem! This unique hands-on learning structure helps students round out their business toolkit to apply — especially those pursuing internships / full-time positions in innovation, consulting, entrepreneurship, product management, and product / brand marketing.

Design Thinking Bootcamp takes place every year during the Fall Quarter. Please reach out to current co-chairs for more information on how to get involved.

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