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the Investment professionals of tomorrow

At Booth, we focus on training the investment professionals of tomorrow to tackle the challenges of a dynamic industry. We understand the headwinds facing our industry and strive to stay ahead of the curve.

Rigorous and quantitative approach

IMG members take part in a stock pitch bootcamp, valuation seminars, pitch competitions and year-long mentorship. We engage internal and external resources to prepare our members in all aspects of the industry, from security analysis to relationship management.

Global footprint and network

Booth alumni are present in every major part of the investment management industry, across sectors and geographies. Whether it's Tokyo, London, New York or Los Angeles, if the markets are open, a Booth alumni is there.

Applying theory to practice

IMG members have a unique insight into markets: we are informed by our fundamental and quantitative research yet, stand on the shoulders of finance giants and are able to see further, with a broader focus and with a better perspective than the rest.

Investment Management Conference

November 10 -11th 2022


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