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Welcome to the Parents of Little Ones (POLO) Club!

The POLO Club provides support and community for families at Booth. We are made up of an amazing network of students and partners, and a great source of family fun! We host events weekly such as library story time, visiting museums, family park meet-ups, kids classes, mom’s night out, dad’s night out, and more!

The club is open to all full-time student parents and their partners. All parents are welcome and there is no fee to join!









Booth Family Life

We strive to make your family feel a part of the Booth community.

The POLO Club is one of the most active clubs on campus and hosts multiple activities per week, ranging from playgroups, music classes and field trips, holiday parties and Mom's nights out.

Looking for playdates, or recommendations for a new stroller? Our active community channel is full of an amazing network for you to tap into.

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Cameron Tapella
Staff Advisor
Shivani Patel
Julianna Resende
Katie Pelkey
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