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To foster a culture of sustainability through engaging with industry professionals, inspiring connections within the E/W student community, and centralizing access to sustainability resources.









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● Access to events: Be the first to know about our upcoming events! We will be hosting educational panels, social events, workshops, and more! ● Exclusive resources: From eco-friendly guides to our monthly New Leaf Newsletter ● Connections: Build and grow a network of experts involved in sustainability Have an idea? Reach out!

Events & Activities

Be the first to know about what we have planned and add our group calendar to your schedule! From focused student discussion, to educational sessions and opportunities for professional development.

Exclusive Resources

Get access to our New Leaf Newsletter and more! New Leaf is our upcoming monthly newsletter to keep you informed of all things corporate sustainability and climate change. Each issue will also highlight actionable steps to be eco-friendly and the latest innovations addressing climate issues. Turn a new leaf and subscribe to be a member!


Through community building and networking you'll gain access to experts in their respective fields and meet other students who share an interest in sustainability.

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Booth Corporate Sustainability Club (E/W)

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