Monica Finn

Prior to Booth, Monica worked as an electrical engineer at Raytheon Applied Signal Technology, where she led teams of signal processing and software engineers in the development of wireless applications. At Booth, she is pursuing a business analytics concentration with the goal of working in strategy or product management after graduation. Outside of school, Monica enjoys spending time with friends and family, reading, and exploring sites around Chicago.

Rayna Palsule

Prior to Booth, Rayna majored in Mathematics and Economics and minored in Entrepreneurship at the University of Southern California. She has a strong focus and passion for advanced data analytics, storytelling, and visual intelligence. She has a passion for Tableau, Alteryx, and other data visualization tools to unfold prescriptive storytelling Insights from complex datasets. Her hobbies include SCUBA diving, flying lessons, classical singing, traveling with family, and volunteering for children.

Jacob Fain

Erik started his career as a structural engineer, before pivoting abruptly into analytics at a fintech startup as well as at Google prior to starting his MBA. He is diving deep into the analytics curriculum at Booth while also taking data science classes at the Graham School of UChicago, with the goal of working in AI product management after graduation. He enjoys skiing and the outdoors and spends countless hours trying to invent career paths to blend his personal and professional pursuits, so far to little avail.

Stephanie Lee

Before Booth, Stephanie worked in economic consulting at Analysis Group, supporting economists and lawyers with data analysis for litigation. She’s a student in the Joint MBA/Masters in Computer Science program, looking to put both the technical and non-technical skills she's learning to work in data science after Booth. Outside of schoolwork, Stephanie enjoys taking care of her succulents, watching Cdramas, and attempting to re-live her competitive tennis days on the court.


Prior to Booth, Zoe worked as a data analytics consultant at Deloitte Chicago, where she helped clients with risk assessment and fraud detection using analytics tools such as R, Python, and Tableau. She is a student in the joint MBA/Masters in Computer Science program, through which she hopes to gain the technical skills to work in Tech or digital transformation after graduation. She enjoys watching Japanese anime(big fan of Attach on Titan ), exploring restaurants in Chicago, and walking her dog Haku on weekends.

Jack Bagamery

Prior to Booth, Jack worked at Cornerstone Research in Boston, providing economic analysis in complex business litigation and regulatory investigations. While at Booth, where he is studying business analytics and finance, he is learning how to apply his skillset towards data-driven decision making and furthering his knowledge of advanced analytical techniques. He is an avid long-distance runner and fan of track and field and The West Wing (the TV show).

Tessie McGough

Before Booth, Tessie worked at The Brattle Group, an economic consulting firm, in Boston where she specialized in supporting clients’ big data needs on high-profile litigation. At Brattle, Tessie fell in love with analytics and programming, and developed skills in Python, R, SQL, Stata, VBA, and so on. She came to Booth to get formal analytics instruction and to round out her education with business fundamentals. She enjoys solo travel, puzzles, and a good meme. In her spare time, Tessie thinks about the ways that technology could be used to improve criminal justice processes – inspired by her experience on a grand jury.