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The Chicago Booth part-time Fintech Club aims to forge a community for Evening and Weekend MBA students around the disruptive and revolutionary FinTech industry by connecting them with researchers, entrepreneurs, investors, and stakeholders in local and global FinTech communities through various events with an emphasis on education, career development, networking, and entrepreneurial support.

Do you want to be at the forefront of the disruption of financial services? Have you heard about bitcoin and blockchain but want to dig deeper into cryptocurrency? Are you convinced that banking/investing/insurance/lending will be disrupted soon and you want to be ready for it?  Well, join us in the Booth Fintech Club!

We are thrilled for the opportunity to deliver Fintech content, knowledge, networking, and more to the Booth community! We are partnering with our faculty advisor Professor Luigi Zingales, the Polsky Center, innovators, established firms, and other organizations to engage everyone from the FinTech-curious to FinTech enthusiasts.

Our group is here to help you participate in the new fintech movement!


Promote understanding of the latest ideas, trends, and developments in a wide range of topics in FinTech that include regulatory, insurance, payment technologies, cryptocurrencies, blockchain and more.

Career Development

Organize panels, info sessions, and career treks for students who are interested in exploring careers in FinTech. Source opportunities from leading FinTech companies for Booth students and organize industry treks.


Build a network of Booth students who are interested in FinTech. Promote interactions and collaborations on FinTech related events across different schools at The University of Chicago.

Entrepreneurial support

Provide resources and networking opportunities for students who are interested in building their own FinTech startups. Build relationships with FinTech accelerators, venture capital firms, and investors.


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