Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Isn't Booth a finance school? Are you really strong in tech?

A: Employment data proves that Booth is not only strong in finance jobs, but also strong in tech jobs as well.

18.7% of the Class of 2017 received full-time job offers in technology, a big jump from 12.3% for the Class of 2013. Major tech employers for the Class of 2017 include Amazon, Adobe, Google, Microsoft, and Apple.

Q: Is it disadvantageous to not be in the west coast (Bay Area, Seattle) when recruiting?

A: No, not all! Proximity to headquarters is not a critical factor in obtaining a job offer.

First, the Booth alumni network and your peers can help you develop connections with employers. This takes place in forms such as informational interview sessions, and alumni panels hosted by Booth Technology Group.

Second, a handful of companies come on campus to host company presentations and to recruit, such as Adobe, Amazon, Apple, Cisco, and Microsoft.  Companies don't hold it against you just because you are not near them. They look at factors such as: how well you know about the company, your past experience, and your future career aspirations.

Third, Career Services provides students with off-campus (companies recruiting Booth students but not coming to campus to conduct interviews) job opportunities through its job board, so the opportunities are plentiful.

Q: I want to be a product manager at <insert company name here>. Is that possible?

A: It depends. You'll need to do your research, but there are several factors you need to consider.

- Does the company hire MBAs as pipelines for product manager talent? (Some tech firms don't hire MBAs at all)

- If they do, is having a technical undergraduate degree and/or equivalent technical experience required? (Some do require, some don't)

- Is the company hiring this year? (Company hiring trends change from year to year)

Q: I'm an international student, and I would like to work in the US. Will companies hire me?

A: Again, this depends on the company. Some companies traditionally require candidates to have unrestricted work authorization (US Citizenship, Permanent Resident Card), while others have traditionally sponsored employment-based visas (ex. H1-B). Some used to sponsor visas but stopped, and vice versa. As employer policies related to visa sponsorship may change from year to year, we cannot guarantee that certain companies will hire you, so doing research is critical. However, don't give up - many international students in the past have succeed in obtaining a job in the US post graduation.

Q: I come from a non-technical background, and/or I have no experience in tech. Will companies hire me?

A: I think you know the answer - it depends. By talking to alumni and company recruiters, you'll know what they look for in candidates. Some companies have a tendency to emphasize past experience when evaluating candidates, while others less so. Even if companies emphasize past experience, it is possible to tailor your resume and showcase that you have relevant experience for the job.

Q: What are some classes that will help me get an internship / performing during my internship?

A: It depends on your desired industry and/or function. You can read about one student's summer experience and how classes helped here.


Q: When does the club meet for its events?

A: Lunch & learns are usually held on Wednesdays and Fridays.

Social events are held on weekdays (The socials this past year have been held on Thursday evenings).

Interview preparation group sessions are held based on when group members' availability.

Q: There are many related Student Groups - what's the difference?

A: First, there are three types of Student Groups at Booth.

Professional - focus is to obtain a job

Educational - focus is to learn about certain topics

Recreational - focus is to pursue common interests/hobbies

The focus of Booth Technology Group is to help students obtain a job in the technology industry by providing opportunities to learn about companies and summer internship experiences and to prepare for the recruiting process (resume review, interview prep, etc.).

Entrepreneurship/Venture Capital is a professional group focused on startups and venture capital.

Groups such as Booth Analytics Club, Booth Hacks, Booth Fintech, are educational groups. They provide training and resources on certain topics.


Q: I'm interested in the Masters Program in Computer Science dual degree program. Where can I find more information?

A: You can find more information by clicking here.

Q: I'm an international student. Is the MBA/MS dual degree eligible for OPT STEM extension?

A: Yes, as written here.