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Join us!

We love food, and if you'd like to love food with us, sign up for the Epicurean Club.

Membership Pricing

  • One Year Membership: $125
  • Two Years Membership: $200
  • Four Quarter Membership: $150 

Partners are welcome too.

If your partner would like to join our events, we'd love to have them. The steps for partners to sign-up: 

  • As the Booth student, go to the sign-up page.
  • Select "Two Years: Partner" or "One Year: Partner" membership, and pay for that membership.
    • Booth Groups may give you a warning sign. Ignore it. 
  • Reach out to the co-chairs with the following information:
    • Partner First Name:
    • Partner Last Name:
    • Partner Email: 
  • Your partner will receive a "reset password" link once they've been added to our membership list. 
  • Once they've reset their password, your partner will be able to log-in to Booth Groups and purchase event tickets themselves. 

Cancellation policy:
  • 24 hours+ out full refund, under 24 hours no refunds
  • Within 24 hours must find a replacement (first the co-chairs check the waitlist, if not burden on you to find a replacement in the #boothepicurean Slack channel)
  • Not allowed to sign up for the next event if a no show/no replacement