Chicago Booth Entrepreneurship and Venture Capital Club (EVC)

We are the founders, investors, and startup enthusiasts of Chicago Booth.

Boasting a membership of over 350 students, EVC is one of the largest student groups at Booth, providing access to a wide network of people in the entrepreneurship and venture capital community.

As a member, you benefit from a breadth of resources, including frequent lunch-and-learn speakers, venture capital and startup treks in San Francisco and New York City, our annual 'SeedCon' conference, and Booth's Venture Capital Investment Competition. The group's focus on student issues makes us uniquely capable of meeting the needs and desires of our student members. We help students navigate the nuances of specialized search and provide mentorships through VC, startup, and entrepreneurship focused families.


• VC & Startup Bootcamp Series (F, W)

• VC, startup, and entrepreneurship families (F, W, S)

• Lunch & Learns with start-up founders, investors, entrepreneurs (W, S)

• Venture Capital Investment Competition (W, S(if teams advance))

• SeedCon (annual conference with Polsky) (W)

• Socials!!! (F, W, S)

• Virtual Career Treks (various cities TBD) (W, S)

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