Jan 21, 2023 12:15pm - 1:20pm

{POSTPONED} Shipwreck - Impromptu speech competition

{Postponed from 11/12/22 to 1/21/23} The Titanic was re-built in 2022. As fate would have it, it hits an iceberg and starts sinking again. Rose finds a piece of a door floating on the ocean and she sits on it to escape the icy waters. She, unlike her predecessor, understands that the door is big enough to support one more person. Each participant is assigned a character at random (eg: LeBron James) 10 seconds before they go up on the stage. The participant must use their time of 4 min 30 seconds (hard stop at 5 minutes) to persuade Rose (the judge) on why he/she/they should be the one that joins her on the door. You will be judged based on judge's metrics and audience votes. The top 3 winners will get gift cards!

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