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Welcome to Booth MCG!

Management consulting is one of the most popular career choices of Chicago Booth graduates. The Management Consulting Group (MCG) is committed to giving you a competitive advantage by providing comprehensive student development, extensive resources, and a wide range of networking opportunities. We strive to assist those within the Chicago Booth community to better understand the consulting industry and provide the tools and resources that are essential to help students make the most informed choices regarding consulting careers.

Key Activities and Resources

CONSULTING UNPLUGGED SERIES MCG hosts weekly lunch programming to discuss the recruiting timeline, break down myth of casing, and prepare students for consulting interviews.

CONSULTING FORUM This one-day Autumn event will provide students with a unique opportunity to networking with firm representatives and spend a day deep diving into the ins and outs of the case interview.

MANAGEMENT CONSULTING CASEBOOK This book will help students prepare for a wide-range of case interviews. Compiled of cases written by students who have been successful in the past year's interview process, the casebook includes practice cases from a wide variety of firms.

MANAGEMENT CONSULTING RESUME BOOK MCG members can submit their resumes to The MCG Resume Book, which is sent to over 20 consulting firms who target MBA's for both summer and full-time recruiting.

1:1 COACHING In addition to firm specific case-workshops which are held throughout the year, First year and Second year networking and casing sessions offer students the opportunity to practice case interviews with consultants from a variety of firms.

RECRUITING FAMILIES MCG matches 1Y students in groups of 2-4 with a 2Y students to go through the process together as a "family" based on desired locations.  These small groups meet weekly to run practice cases, deep dive into drills, and conduct behavioral prep.