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About Us

Muslims in Business (MIB) is a student organization dedicated to supporting the Muslim community at Chicago Booth in their personal, professional, and spiritual endeavors. MIB fosters a strong Muslim community by hosting engaging events, workshops, and gatherings that strengthens kinship among Muslim students. MIB also helps build professional networks by facilitating networking opportunities, mentorship, and career development.  MIB organizes educational programs to promote cultural awareness of Islam and understanding of the Muslim community.


Members Benefits

MIB provides Muslims at Chicago Booth with the means to preserve their identity. MIB facilitates meetings, discussions and celebrations of Islamic holidays among all students. MIB also promotes friendly relations among Boothies and provides opportunities for Muslims and non-Muslims to learn about Islam in Business in the form of lunch and learns, alumni panels, lectures, art workshops, and more.


MIB hosts a wide array of events, ranging from potluck dinners to chai talks in order to foster the Muslim community at Chicago Booth. As an MIB member, you will also have the oppurtunity to break your fasts with colleauges during Ramadan as well as explore Middle Eastern and Persian resturants in one of the greatest food cities in the world, Chicago!

Professional Development

MIB faciliates career development by pairing MIB members with alumni in target industries for mentoring and recruitment. As a Booth MIB member, you also will have the oppurtunity to expand your network through events held with Northwestern Kellogg. All MIB members have access to the Chicago Booth Muslims in Business Linkedin group.

Cultural Awareness and Education

In celebration with the rest of the Booth community, MIB hosts the Eid festival to commemerate the end of Ramadan. MIB also collaborates with other religous organizations to promote religous dialogue. MIB also hosts prominent Muslim intellectuals, such as Dr. Amir Sufi, highlighting the contribution of Muslims to the world of business.

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