our mission

OUTreach aims to advance social and professional opportunities for LGBTQ students at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business.  We work to build community among Booth's LGBTQ students, and also promote inclusivity on campus through active engagement with our allies.  OUTreach provides mentorship, helps students navigate the recruiting process, connect with alumni, and attend conferences - in addition to throwing some of the best parties on campus, obviously!

OUTreach also provides support for LGBTQ applicants.  Check out the Applicants tab to see how we can help!

meet our co-chairs


ALEX BREWER, president


Hi all! I’ve spent most of my life bouncing back and forth between the East Coast and the Midwest—I like to say I have an East Coast soul with a Midwest temperament. Most recently, I lived in DC for 7 years. Prior Booth, I started in fundraising and volunteer development for the Human Rights Campaign before switching into healthcare consulting where I built leadership development programs for doctors and nurses. I came to Booth in hopes of pivoting into brand management. In my spare time, I love board games, talking about Survivor to whoever will listen, and trying to find the best fried chicken in Chicago. My favorite Booth memories range from random walk in UAE to the weekend jaunts to Boystown. Looking forward to meeting you all and welcoming you to the OUTreach community.

Ask me about: #careerswitching, #brandmanagement, #LEAD, #DC

But really, please ask me about: #Survivor

ARIANA VERGARA, student engagement


Hey Guys! I am a proud Californian and very proud Gay Latina. I hail from the great land of Netflix (Los Gatos, CA) and was born and raised in the Bay Area. I am a med school dropout who taught herself to code and somehow found herself at the crux of education and media. Prior to Booth, I have worked for, strategized for or created curricula for YouTube Kids, Khan Academy, Galileo Learning and Minecraft Inc. The friends I’ve made through OUTreach are interwoven in all of my favorite memories at school so far, and I’m excited to welcome the incoming OUTreach class. Outside of School, I have a passion for streaming platforms (no joke) and entertainment media, hiking (*side-eye* I know but I do it with 2 bougie fluff dogs and my wife a lot), any kind of museum, music and national parks.

Ask me about: #tech #streamingplatforms #marriedlife #dogs and #sass lol. Obviously, the #lword too.

vignesh rao, admissions


Hi, Vignesh here! I'm from Chicago born and raised. Pre-Booth, I was at BCG in the Chicago office working on growth strategy projects across a variety of industries, but particularly the automotive / mobility space. I also did a year-long externship at McDonald's working in their corporate strategy and M&A team. Ultimately, I plan to return to BCG after graduation. Besides OUTreach, I'm also a co-chair for Wine Club and the social chair for my cohort (go Nobels!). Booth has been such an eye-opening adventure both academically and socially, and OUTreach has been a huge part of that! Off campus you can usually catch me shredding the dancefloor at TNDC, cooking up a storm, or binge-watching trashy Bravo shows. Can't wait to meet the next generation of OUTreachers!

MATT CONAN, community


Hi felladies! I'm a native New Yorker--born and raised in Manhattan, but spent most of the last 10 years in Brooklyn. Before Booth I was the Director of Data & Analytics at a nonprofit that provided free financial counseling services to the low-income, and am concentrating in Marketing Management and Business Analytics. I'm a huge sports fan--primarily soccer, basketball, and tennis--and play in the CMSA (LGBT) soccer league in Chicago (it's a great way to meet people). I enjoy hanging out with my Booth buddies, many of whom come from OUTreach, and exploring Chicago's vibrant gay scene with them. And occasionally I write and record synth pop music. It's mediocre!

Ask me about: Anything. Apparently I'm opinionated.

But also, #analyticsrecruiting #techrecruiting #nonprofits #sports #boystown #andersonville #newyorkcity

Ash Krishnamurthy, professional/alumni relations


Hi everyone, I’m Ash. I’ve lived most of my life on the West Coast. I grew up in the Bay Area, but spent the last 6 years working in Southern California on the revenue management team at Disneyland. I’ve loved my time at Booth, especially going to different OUTreach events, attempting to ski at Whistler, and getting to explore different restaurants and bars all around Chicago. I enjoy eating and sleeping and playing video games.



Hi everyone! I was born and raised in Mexico City and therefore tacos are my go-to late night food (from a street stand if possible). Hit me up for the best taco spot recommendations in Chicago. Before moving to the U.S., I worked for a REIT doing corporate finance and balance sheet management for five years. I will probably be working in consulting after school. I love sports but hate working out; we can play tennis but will never go to Orange Theory with you. Off campus you can find me going to concerts and trying new restaurants to tick off from my checklist. My favorite Booth moments so far have been my Random Walk in Iceland and going out with my fellow OUTreachers! Excited to meet you all!

Ask me about: #NovakDjokovic #tacos #MexicoCity