Capturing chicago one frame at a time

Some of the things we do...

Photo Walks

We organize monthly and quarterly photo walks to discover what Chicago has to offer and capture this great city in all its facets. Open to all members, we will organize walks that explore a neighborhood, a culture or a particularly important moment in Chicago's history.

Head shots

PhotoBooth co-chairs are always happy to accommodate head shots requests throughout the year and all fees go towards funding PhotoBooth's programming!  Need a new head shot or multiple styles, don't worry! We got you covered!

Quarterly Photo Contests

Photos are most enjoyed when shared with others! Or at least that's what we like to think and why we run monthly and quarterly photo contest. Photos can be submitted directly to PhotoBooth's social media or to the co-chairs ands sometimes, we might source them from popular Booth hashtags to celebrate our community! So much talent, let us showcase it!

Photographers on demand

PhotoBooth co-chairs and members are able to to accommodate request from other students group to cover an event, conference or social activity or can provide recommendations of local photographers. Don't hesitate to contact the group or any of its members if you have any questions!

Photo Classes

PhotoBooth is eager to get everyone out and capturing what their imagination envisions. To that end, we will organize short classes that introduce you to the world of photography, some commons tips and tricks, how to best take advantage of your camera, including mobile phones! Additionally, we sponsor classes for club members from Chicago area schools and institutions.

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