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trading group


The mission of the Chicago Booth Trading Group is to provide students who are currently in the trading profession, or seeking to get into the trading profession, the opportunity to interact in a collaborative atmosphere that facilitates networking and education.

As a member of the group, we hope that you will be able to gain a thorough understanding of what trading is, make valuable connections with others who are passionate about the industry, and learn what it takes to become a trader in the ever changing landscape.

group EVENTS


Ever wonder what exactly trading is?  From S&T at a bank, to market making at a prop shop, to algorithmic and high frequency trading, keep a lookout for these info events to determine if trading is right for you.



These Mixers will allow you to network with other aspiring traders and current traders.  Events will be held both on and off campus and includes a rare chance to visit the pit before everything shuts down!



Professors and speakers from all areas of trading will host sessions for you to learn about the industry.  CBTG will also provide resources for learning the more technical aspects of trading (ex. python)



Check out our GROUP page to join as a member.  This can be an unique leadership opportunity at Booth.  You can send any of us a direct message or use the general contact form below.  We look forward to meeting you!


Larry Ferguson

Toby Huang

Toby interned at Barclays Capital and Citadel in New York in fixed income trading (also known as global macro). He worked full time at Citadel in Chicago in the foreign exchange market making group (also known as high frequency trading - HFT). Although he has since migrated away from finance into tech at Google, he still enjoys day trading on the side using Interactive Brokers instead of Robinhood.