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Booth Consulting Club (BCC) is a registered Evening MBA and Weekend MBA Program student group. BCC, over its ten-year history, has been very effective in its ability to connect firms with highly talented students interested in consulting careers. BCC is dedicated to providing frequent and meaningful opportunities to its members to enhance their learning and career potential in the consulting industry.


To create and maintain a strong and lasting relationship with consulting firms, to help University of Chicago Booth E/W MBA's explore and effectively prepare for recruiting process for these consulting firms.


Assist Booth E/W MBA students prepare for consulting job interviews.

Provide insightful information about the consulting industry.

Organize events on and off campus in coordination with consultants and consulting firms.

Hear from Current and former members

Andy Ng '21

Boston Consulting Group, Management Consulting

"The Consultant Boothies who I interacted with throughout my time here were all incredibly smart, polished, and great problem solvers - which solidified that consulting was the industry that I best fit"

Andy Ng came to Booth with a background in Actuarial Science, seeking to expand his general business knowledge. Andy's experience at Booth made him realize that he may enjoy a career in Consulting, and joining the BCC helped Andy to surround himself with individuals sharing these career goals and to confirm that Consulting was the right target industry for him. Andy leveraged BCC events, Slack discussions, case partners, and eventually OCR preparation resources to land an offer at BCG - where he continues to help firms deal with their most critical and complex issues today.

Edwin Mejia '21

EY-Parthenon, Transition Strategy & Execution

"Being a member of the BCC was the sole reason I was able to break into the consulting industry."

Prior to Booth, Edwin was a Civil Engineering major in undergrad and had a background in Project Management at a contracting firm.  After taking some strategy classes at Booth, Edwin decided that he wanted to transition into a career in Consulting and decided to join the BCC.  As a member and eventual Co-Chair, Edwin built a powerful network of students looking to make a similar change and worked with them to fine tune his career story.  Edwin was then able to leverage the casing and experience interview tools provided by the BCC to prepare for recruitment.  The BCC's Symposium event jump started recruitment for Edwin and with his expanded network and countless hours of practice with his BCC peers, Edwin landed a role at EY-Parthenon post-graduation.

Neha Mathur '23

Bain, Management Consulting

"The BCC Community was one of the most impactful resource throughout my Booth journey. Not only did I make a successful pivot into consulting but also made meaningful and lasting relationships!"

Prior to Booth, Neha was a software engineer with an Electronics Engineering major in undergrad and a master's in Computer Engineering. After participating in New Venture Challenge through Polsky Center as well as taking finance and strategy classes, Neha realized her strong inclination towards consulting and wanted to see if consulting was the right fit. As a BCC member and Co-Chair, she received immense support from the community to secure an internship at a boutique firm and a full-time offer at Bain & Company in the Chicago office. Neha attributes her success to BCC's initiatives and events – Internship recruiting program, Symposium, the pay-it-forward culture at Booth and an incredible network of students.

Jacquelyn Caldwell '24

EY-Parthenon, Summer Consultant 2023

"The powerful network I built via BCC was integral in making my pivot into the consulting industry."

Prior to Booth, Jacquelyn was a Marketing major undergrad at UW-Madison and has a background in Retail and Customer Insights, most recently working at Walgreens. At the beginning of her Booth journey, she knew she wanted to make a career pivot during her MBA and leveraged the Booth Consulting Club network to determine if consulting was the right fit. The enthusiasm BCC members and current consultants had for the industry and its rewarding work was infectious. After attending the Consulting 101 series and BCC Symposium, she knew consulting was the natural next step for her career. Ultimately, Jacquelyn landed a summer internship with EY-Parthenon in the Chicago office and she attributes her recruiting success to the support and pay it forward culture of the BCC. Now as co-chair, she's eager to help other Boothies find their fit in the consulting industry.


Jacquelyn Caldwell

Kayvon Soheili

Gopal Uthamabikshandeswaran