34th Annual DuSable Conference

Saturday, May 18 2019
Gleacher Center, The University of Chicago Booth School of Business




Join AAMBAA at the 34th Annual DuSable Conference!

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As one of the longest running student conferences at Chicago Booth, we continue to build upon 34 years of legacy.

History of DuSable

The DuSable Conference was started in 1985 by African-American students who believed that as an elite global institution, the University of Chicago needed a conference that leveraged the experiences of people of color. Inspired by his spirit of exploration, innovation, and leadership, these students organized their first conference and named it after Jean-Baptiste Point DuSable, the Haitian pioneer credited with founding modern day Chicago.

Today, the DuSable Conference remains as one of the longest running student-led conferences at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business with early conferences boasting prominent speakers such as the Honorable Harold Washington, Jesse Jackson, John Rogers, James Bell, Martin Nesbitt, and many more. Year after year, the conference convenes Booth students and alumni, as well as colleagues from across the city of Chicago for robust conversation and powerful networking opportunities on professionally and culturally relevant topics.

At this year's conference, themed Next Generation Leadership, we will discuss how we must lead in the most turbulent of times. Leadership in the 21st century will be impacted by geopolitical volatility, technological disruptions, and economic and political uncertainty. Mastering these major forces of change and remaining resilient will be the defining characteristics of next generation leaders.

Keynote Addresses From:

Walter E. Massey (President Emeritus of Morehouse College)

Janice Jackson (CEO of Chicago Public Schools)

Shundrawn Thomas '99 (President of Asset Management at Northern Trust)

Panels On:

Distinguished Women | Failure

Breakouts Sessions On:

Entrepreneurship | Social Impact | Technology