Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How much does it cost to join?

A. Our membership pricing can be found on our website. There are early-bird discounts if you join by Friday, October 13th, 2023 @5pm. You will be able to start attending member events as soon as you are validated into the club. Emailers are sent out Sunday evenings bi-weekly

Q. Who can attend Booth Partner events?

A. Partners are welcome to attend events solo and also as a couple. We strive to have many date night events, group outings, and a few Partner only events

Q. Are all events free?

A. While we try to bring you as many free events as possible, a portion of events will require you to buy a ticket. Usually the club covers 50% or more of your cost to attend an event by negotiating group discounts with club membership fees

Q. I have kids. Are they welcome at Partners events?

A. Children are welcome at appropriate events

Q. Is there a way for Partners to get access to the Booth Full-time Students Slack workplace?

A. Sure, just fill out this form in order to get access