2018-2019 is upon us!

Welcome to the Booth Partners Club!

The Booth Partners Club is an official Booth club comprised of spouses and significant others (all types are welcome) of Booth students. In addition to providing a variety of special events throughout the school year, we also have a diverse range of special interest groups that organize monthly social activities. Once you become a member, you are welcome to participate in all special events and special interest group activities. Joining the club is an incredible way to make some instant friends and have some fun in the city!

Useful links

Pedway Map

Want to go somewhere, but don't want to go outside? You can always use the Pedway, here's a map so you don't get lost!

Click here for the pedway map

Chicago Transit Tracker

Need to know when the buses and trains are arriving? The transit tracker is very useful and accurate.

Click here for the tracker

Ventra Card

If you need to get a ventra card, or have any questions about how Chicago's public transportation works, go to their website.

Ventra website

Chicago Restaurants

Need a good place to eat and don't know where to go? Ask one of our officers / co-chairs, or go to the link below for some useful lists.

Trip Advisor

Living in Chicago

If you were here first day and thought this presentation was useful, here is the link to access it, and if you weren't in First day here with us or for some reason missed this presentation you should really look at it!

First Day Presentation

Things to do in Chicago

Here are some great things to do in Chicago!


Doctors / Dentists

We know that one of the most difficult parts of moving can be to find new doctors and dentists, so we wanted to provide you all with a way to share information that you have learned. If you have had a terrific experience with a doctor (or even a terrible one), please write that on this sheet so that other partners can benefit.

Google Doc