About Us

Booth Soccer is a co-ed sports club that is one of the largest and most active groups on campus.

In 2020-21, the club had over 125 members and scrimmages through all four seasons.

2022 events include:

-Tournaments at Booth, Yale, UCLA, UT Austin and Tuck!

-Matches against Kellogg (minimum twice per year)

Matches against other University schools (e.g. Harris)

-Two weekly practices (outdoors or indoors depending on season)

-One social a quarter and viewing events for soccer games (e.g. champions league final)

The club has a great mix of international and US members.  All skill levels are welcome at practices and friendly matches - meet new friends and have a good time! Scrimmages and socials are open to Booth partners. GO SOCCER (football)!


Membership rates are as follows:
$150   Two-year full membership
$  80   One-year full membership

Join us!