What if I don't have a background in finance?

That is not a barrier to recruiting for investment banking. Many people recruit successfully for investment banking from a wide variety of backgrounds! Some examples include: education, policy, consulting, engineers, and former members of the military.

Do I need to do anything before arriving on campus to get prepared for recruiting?

No, we have a curriculum designed to get you up to speed in time to excel in the recruiting process. That being said, additional preparation can never hurt. The easiest thing you can do is begin reading the Wall Street Journal and/or Financial Times to educate yourself on industry trends and what's happening in the global economy.

I've heard recruiting is really intense, is that true?

Yes, investment banking recruiting can be very time-consuming. However, we'll provide you all the tools you need to be successful in your job search. As a bonus, IB recruiting is typically the first to finish, so come winter quarter you will have your feet up, offer in hand, while many of your classmates continue to interview!