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What does BSI Consulting look for in its clients/partner organizations?
BSI looks to partner with organizations that are seeking to make a measurable social impact in Chicago. BSI is open to a variety of different types of social impact organizations. In addition to more traditional nonprofits, BSI has partnered on projects with organizations such as social enterprises, local government agencies and LC3 organizations. BSI has also partnered with organizations that drastically vary in budget, history and staff.

What is required of a BSI Consulting client?
BSI is proud to offer BSI Consulting to the nonprofit community as a free program, and one that has provided nearly immeasurable value to our previous clients. The primary expectations of the client is time and commitment. Specific expectations include (but are not limited to): working with BSI Co-Chairs prior to the quarter launch to define the scope, in person attendance at the Saturday afternoon Kick Off (usually hosted the first Saturday of the quarter from 4:30- 6:30 PM at Gleacher Center), and a weekly commitment of staff to the project of ~2 hours each week (this time is split between gathering materials for the team and a weekly touchpoint to provide team feedback). BSI Consulting does recognize clients schedules and encourages teams to conduct their communication within business hours, Mon-Fri 9am to 5pm.

What outcomes can a BSI Consulting client expect? What resources are provided to students to help them to provide clients with the best possible deliverable?
BSI Consulting has for the last 10 years successfully met client expectations by providing resources and support to the student participants throughout consulting experience. This ensures the positive experience, most especially for our clients/partners (because we know your time is valuable!). Each consulting team is made of 3 to 5 part-time evening/weekend Chicago Booth/Harris students and led by a Student Project Manager. Each student brings different perspectives and experiences. In addition, each team also has a Consulting Coach from a consulting partner who helps make sure that the students are successfully navigating the consulting process. In general, like any consulting project, successful outcomes are contingent on consistent communication and feedback with the client to ensure that deliverable provides meets and exceeds expected outcomes for the project.

What kind of projects is BSI Consulting looking for?
BSI Consulting seeks strategic projects that promote a positive social impact and that will meaningfully engage and motivate students. BSI Consulting is very mindful in choosing projects that will effectively leverage the skills of its students participants. BSI Consulting seeks projects that will provide tangible and timely value to its client, will allow for students to use their strategic mindsets to support a client’s growth, and will have the resources and data to complete the project in the 10 week timeframe. Previous projects range, but have included: customer segmentation and targeting, social enterprise feasibility analysis, financial planning, operations management, organizational redesign, competitive analysis, and recruitment and marketing strategy, etc.

What does the selection process/timeline look for a potential BSI Consulting client?
BSI Consulting partners with 4 tp 5 clients each quarter (Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer). Applications are accepted on a rolling basis, and potential clients are encouraged to apply based on the timing of their need. Selection of potential clients occurs in the preceding quarter, so applicants should plan to apply 2 to 3 months prior to when they would like to receive consulting services. Once the application has been completed, a BSI Co-Chair will reach out to further discuss the project and to define a potential scope. Final selections of clients/projects are finalized 5 to 6 weeks prior to the start of the quarter/project launch. Unfortunately, BSI Consulting has limitations in how many projects it can offer each quarter. Potential clients will be provided feedback in the quarter they apply and will determine next steps with BSI Co-Chairs (selection is a difficult process and takes into account priority/need, quality of the potential project, and the mix of projects offered in a single quarter).

Can a client partner with BSI Consulting for more than one project and/or reapply at a future time?
BSI has been very grateful to partner with several organizations for multiple projects over the course of its time offering BSI Consulting. BSI Consulting welcomes the opportunity to re-engage in a conversation with a potential partner, and while we are restrained each quarter by how many clients/projects we can work with, we welcome organizations to re-apply.