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How much of a time commitment should I expect a BSI Consulting project to be in any given quarter?
BSI consulting projects run through the entire quarter and require a time commitment similar to a class at Booth (approximately 3 to 5 hours per week, depending on the project). You should consider participating if you are passionate about social impact, looking to engage with leaders in the Chicago community, and/or are interested in engaging in a consulting experience (a great way to see first hand what a career in consulting might look like).

When do project teams meet?

Projects teams meet as regularly as the project scope requires and the consulting team deems is necessary. BSI Consulting generally recommends teams meet at least once every week in order to touch base with the client and consistently move through the project’s defined milestones. Team meetings can take place in person, over video conference, or on the phone - whatever works best for your client and your team.

What type of clients does BSI Consulting typically work with?
BSI Consulting works with non-profits across a variety of industries, including but not limited to social enterprise, local government, environmental, agriculture, humanitarian, healthcare, IT, civic engagement, etc. BSI is always on the lookout for great non-profit partners, so please feel free to reach out to a BSI Co-Chair with your personal recommendations.

What kind of projects/problems will I be solving as a BSI Consulting participant?
The problems you will be tackling are as varied as the missions of the non-profits themselves. Prior project teams have provided recommendations and final deliverables regarding portfolio data analysis, marketing strategies, operational analysis, customer acquisition and business development, scaling and market entry, and so much more.

Do I automatically get my top choice? If not, how are students assigned to projects?
While assigning projects, BSI takes into account the top choice as well as the skills and experience of the applicant. Since multiple students may have the same project as their top choice, there is always the chance that some students may not get the project they marked as number one. In such cases, we try to assign students another project in which they indicated interest. We also make it a point to have a well rounded team, with a diverse skill set, so the team composition is another factor in the team assignment. Finally, if a student expresses reluctance to join a project, we will make sure that is taken into account.

What kind of experience should I highlight on my application?
Firstly, we look for experience relevant to the project. If you’ve taken relevant coursework at Booth or worked on a similar project at your job, definitely highlight those experiences. Second, we also look for passion for the mission of the organization. If you have relevant volunteering experience or the mission speaks to you personally, we also recommend highlighting that in your application.

If I have no prior consulting experience, should I still apply to BSI Consulting?
Yes! Most students do not have previous consulting experience. BSI consulting is a great opportunity for students who are considering a career in consulting or want to gain more consulting experience. As all groups are paired with a consultant coach, it is a chance for students to learn from real consultants what it is like to work with clients and how to polish your deliverables. No previous consulting experience is necessary.

What experience or attributed does BSI Consulting look for in a Project Manager (PM)?
While previous project management and BSI Consulting experience is a plus, our most successful PMs are committed to the project, are able to dedicate additional time to their responsibilities as PM, and have a track record of getting results. If you are interested in being a PM but do not have previous experience, we encourage you to still apply! The BSI Co-Chairs are able to provide you extra support to ensure your project is a success.

Can I apply if I can’t attend the kickoff?
The kickoff is a key part of the consulting experience and students who are selected should plan to attend in person. However, if you have a prior commitment that makes you unable to make the kickoff, we are willing to make an exception. Please let us know in the application process and also work with your PM to ensure good attendance by your team, as this is an important time to meet with your client face to face.

Can I apply if I’m a weekend student or if I don’t live in Chicago?
Yes. We’ve had tons of successful weekend consultants as part of the BSI Consulting program. While many teams choose to meet in person, please work with your PM to schedule team meetings that make sense for the whole group. You are only required to be in Chicago for the kickoff meeting. It is recommend that you also attend a wrap-up meeting with your client in person.

Can I apply if I’ve done a project before?
You can definitely apply again for BSI Consulting even if you’ve done a project before. We find that students who have already gone through the consulting experience are able to really hit the ground running with their projects and are critical members of the project team. We also encourage you to apply to be the PM!

I'm interested in joining a BSI Consulting team, how can I apply?

An email will be sent to all students when applicaitons open for the upcoming quarter.  Please check back in towards the end of the each quarter for information on the upcoming quarter's applicaitons and projects.