What We Do

Marketing Conference

Monday, October 30th, 2023

Corporate representatives from our sponsors will attend this evening conference that features expert-moderated fireside chats, networking, panel breakout sessions, and post-event networking with other industry professionals and Booth students. The conference exposes students to current issues in marketing and provides an excellent forum for networking.

Super Bowl Event


The inaugural Chicago Booth Super Bowl Event adds the unique, quantitative Booth spin to a major media marketing occasion. Students have the opportunity to understand how creative content is made and the impact of media advertising as well as the Super Bowl on the company's brand and P&L. The event will also include academic presentations from professors with industry-leading research, collaboration with the Kilts Center for Marketing, and analytical insights.

Lunch and Learns

Fall Quarter (Oct-Dec)

These are informal lunch presentations where MG members can learn more about different companies' corporate cultures and marketing opportunities through a presentation and/or case-study/practical exercise and a networking session that usually follows.

Panel Discussions

Fall Quarter (Oct-Dec)

These are informal lunch sessions where students can compare and contrast different perspectives on hot topics, specific industries or specific functions as also learn more about different corporate cultures with the context of the topic of discussion.

Office Visits and "Day At" Events

Fall Quarter (Oct-Jan)

Office visits, or "Day At" programs, are an opportunity for students to learn what a day in the life of a marketer at your company entails.

Mock Interviews

Jan 2024

Mock interviews allow you to opportunity to receive valuable feedback on your interviewing skills from companies interviewing on campus. Mock interviews are conducted just before recruiting season begins and are a "no-risk" method of improving your skills.

Mentoring Families and Interview Workshops

As a member of the Marketing Group, you'll be assigned a mentoring family during the fall quarter. This group will be a led by a second year who will give you individualized tips on how to improve your resume and interview skills. In addition, corporate recruiters and second years conduct interview skills workshops to help you with interview preparation.

Case Competitions

Participate in case competitions and experience the challenges facing companies in the real world. We will host our own marketing case competition in the winter, as well as sponsor member participation in other national case competitions.

Marketing Resource Guide and Alumni Database

This premier recruiting guide is distributed to all members in the fall quarter. It outlines marketing careers in various industries, the job search, and the marketing curriculum. We also provide database of Booth alumni working in the field of marketing who have agreed and are excited to speak with students interested in their field or company.

Workshops and cross-club collaborations

These allow you to build the necessary skills to excel in highly competitive fields of marketing. Collaborations across clubs help us provide you access to the best talent on topics that sit at the confluence of two clubs' domains.

Quarterly Socials

We sponsor several social events, with at least one major social per quarter. These include happy hours and events with faculty and alumni.