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GBC provides opportunities for clubs to receive additional funding for events via the Community Fund and LPFs.

These funding allocations happen on a quarterly basis. The Community Fund provides funding to clubs for education events made available to all full time Booth students. LPFs allow clubs to partner with GBC to host happy hours that bring together students, their families, faculty, and staff. Additional information on qualifications for each opportunity are included in the following sections.



Community Fund


Community fund Spring 2023 APPLICATIONS


Application coming soon (Tuesday 2/14)


What is the Community Fund?

GBC sets aside Community Fund money to help further positive interaction between student organizations and the overall student body.

Please be aware that GBC generally receives requests far exceeding the funds available. Many deserving events are declined simply due to funding constraints. You are allowed to apply for the community fund for up to two events per quarter.

Successful proposals will fulfill the following criteria:

  • Inclusivity and cross-group collaboration: The event must be open to the entire student body. 25% or more of tickets must be made available to members outside of your club.
  • Nature of programming: The programming must be educational.
  • Financial standing: We prioritize groups who have low account balances and those yet to receive financial support or partnership for events from GBC this academic year.
  • Alcohol: The event needs to have a primary focus other than serving alcohol. (This is not to say that a proposed event must not have any alcohol, just that it should not be the event focus.)
  • Co-sponsorship: Partner up with another group! We enjoy seeing events that encourage students to learn about topics or cultures to which they are not usually exposed.

What are the sizes of financial gifts the community fund provides?

  • $1,000 - 1 award per quarter
  • $750 - 1 award per quarter
  • $500 - 2 awards per quarter
  • $250 - 1 award per quarter

What are the application questions?

  • Student Group Name
  • Name of Co-Chair Submitting the Request(s)
  • Your Chicago Booth Email
  • Event Name
  • Brief Event Description (Make sure to include what about your event is educational)
  • Proposed Date for Event
  • Do you plan on this event being open to all Chicago Booth students (not just your group members?)
  • How much funding are you requesting from the Community Fund for this event?
  • What is the total budget for this event?
  • How many attendees do you anticipate?
  • For what are you requesting funding (ex. space, food, transportation, supplies) - please be specific.

Have any additional questions?

Please reach out to Forrest Petterson via slack or email (








What are LPFs?

LPFs are events held in the late afternoon/early evening. The goals of an LPF are to:

  • Provide an opportunity for students to develop relationships with faculty and staff
  • Bring a diverse group of students (and students’ significant others/families) together around food and frosty beverages at an economically accessible event
  • Highlight student clubs

What is the role of GBC and the club(s) during an LPF?

GBC will:

  • Provide financial support
    • GBC will cover the total cost of food and frosty beverages for LPFs at Harper Center ($6000)
    • GBC will cover $4,500 of the total cost of LPFs off site
  • Create and manage the Boothgroups event
  • Assist in logistics as needed, especially if the event takes place at Harper in which case GBC will coordinate with Wolfgang Puck and facilities
  • Send an email to current students promoting the event

Co-hosting club(s) will:

  • Make decisions, in consultation with GBC, on where to host the event and the programmatic content of the event.
  • If the event is offsite, the club(s) will be in charge of finding and coordinating with the venue and will be responsible for the remaining costs over $4,500
  • Invite faculty and staff who may want to attend the event and work to ensure there are opportunities for faculty/staff/student interactions
  • Manage promotion of the event via slack

What is the application process?

This year the application process will take place quarter by quarter. We are now accepting applications for Fall 2022. If you know that your club is interested in hosting/co-hosting an LPF next academic year, but not in the fall, wait to apply! Having applied previously will not affect future applications and clubs can only host/co-host one LPF per year. Applications are due June 6, and clubs will be informed shortly after.

Applications will be evaluated based on:

  • The plan for faculty and staff engagement (creating a space where students, faculty, and staff can build relationships is a priority for LPFs in the coming year – pre-pandemic, this used to be the case and we’d like to build it back!).
  • The reason the club(s) states for hosting an LPF (i.e., a holiday, an announcement, etc.)
  • GBC will also work to ensure that a diverse set of student groups are represented each quarter.
  • Whether the club would like to host an LPF on campus or off campus (GBC hopes to host 3 on campus and 2 off campus LPFs each quarter).

What are the application questions?

  • Co-chair name (contact person for event)
  • Email of co-chair contact
  • Student group name (full name – i.e., Investment Banking Group not IBG)
  • Are you proposing co-hosting an LPF with another student group? Y/N
  • If so, what student group (full name)?
  • Select your preferred Friday to potentially host the LPF in Fall 2022
  • Select a second choice Friday to potentially host the LPF in Fall 2022
  • What would your preferred LPF format be?
    • At Harper Center
    • Offsite location
  • What would the theme / plan for the proposed LPF be?
  • What would your plan be to encourage faculty and staff to attend? (Do you have existing relationships with faculty and staff you could draw on? Are there specific faculty and staff you’d like to invite? Any specific programming during the event?)
  • Is there any additional information you would like us to know?

What else do I need to know?

If your student club would like to co-host an LPF with another student club that is great! It is a great way to share costs for offsite events and attract a large group of attendees. Only one application needs to be submitted.

This coming year GBC hopes to encourage faculty and staff to attend LPFs. Prior to the pandemic, this happened more regularly and was a great way to build relationships. If you plan to apply, think creatively about how to invite and engage faculty and staff!

Further questions? Reach out to Morgan Tuff via slack or email (!