Committees & Liaisons


We serve as the liaison between the Booth Faculty and Academic Services and the student body to improve the academic experience of the diverse student body.

Lead: David Hoogmoed

Executive Liaison: Mehur Chahal

Arts & CUlture

We facilitate experiences in the city that heighten appreciation for art and broaden perspectives on culture.

Lead: Theo Lim

Executive Liaison: Jena Stenger


We provide two things: (1) a platform to amplify Boothies’ voices and enable them to share their stories and (2) a forum for students to reflect on and discuss shared stories to foster personal growth and community-building.

Committee lead: Jeremy Juliane

Committee members: Amanda Schlagenhauf, Pearl Tobay, Kelly Carlquist, Grace Zimmerly

Executive Liaison: NicK Weiss

career & alumni

We partner with the Career Services and Alumni Relations leadership & staff to coordinate career & alumni events for students through GBC programming. We help represent and voice the student perspective to help improve career services and alumni relations at Booth.

Lead: Austin Ness

Executive Liaison: Mehur Chahal


We foster a sense of community among the full-time MBA students, including cohort events (Fall Frolics, Booth Olympics), 1Y/2Y dinners and mentorship programs, and virtual social events.

Committee leads: Jason Lee, Sabrina Shin, & Pearl Tobay

Committee members: Hannah Bassana, Angie Hoang, Jeremy Juliane, Vikram Bhatia, Annie Pemberton, Jackie Quartner, Julie Sitver, Arjun Vellayappan

Executive Liaison: Nick Weiss

diversity & INCLUSION

Create sustainable and impactful Diversity & Inclusion initiatives within the Booth community.

Committee lead: Sade Onadiji

Committee members: Priscilla Xu, Jillesa Gebhardt, Jason Lee, Vinit Atal, Augie Baer

Executive Liaisons: Morgan Arthur


Be a liaison between the Booth Facilities staff and the student body to promote sustainable and enjoyable spaces for Booth students to collaborate and learn.

Committee leads: David Hoogmoed & Sophia Roman

Committee member: Aditya Srinath

Executive Liaison: Santiago Vazquez

health & WELLNESS

To serve as the student body liaison to the Booth Student Wellness department and work together to effectively plan and facilitate relevant wellness-related programming for Booth students.

Committee lead: Michael Hoyos

Committee members: Matheus Schettini

Executive Liaison: NicK Weiss


We focus on two things: (1) serve as the voice of international students at Booth and (2) provide guidance and support for exchange students from other

Committee lead: Angie Hoang

Committee members: Theo Lim, Kaan Avdan, Vikram Bhatia, Michel Habib

Executive Liaison: Danilo Boavista

LOGISTICS & Communication

To facilitate internal GBC community internally through onboarding, documentation, and communication.

Committee lead: Dennis Chen

Committee members: Jillesa Gebhardt, David Noel, Nicole Newman

Executive Liaison: Jena Stenger


We bring students together with faculty, PhD students, partners and families through periodic events.

Committee leads: Erum Ahsan, Dean Anoje

Committee members: Sabrina Shin, Michael Hoyos, Rachel Frank, Carrie Tarkocin

Executive Liaison: Danilo Boavista

Random walk

We coordinate and conduct Random Walk trips for first years prior to orientation, including trip and leader selection and issue resolution.

Committee leads: Hannah Bassana & Austin Ness

Committee members: Kwaku Frimpong, Dean Anoje, Jenna Blough, Scott Newman, Nicole Newman

Executive Liaison: Morgan Arthur

Signature Events

We enhance the students’ experience at Booth by organizing school-wide events, including an epic Winter Formal and Spring Fling to bring the Booth community together in celebration.

Committee leads: Amanda Schlagenhauf & Priscilla Xu

Committee members: Sade Onadiji, Erum Ahsan, Jenna Donahue

Executive Liaison: Jena Stenger

Social Impact

The purpose of the Social Impact committee is to help Booth students make a positive impact on the world and their community and to help guide and promote Booth’s strategy and progress in the social impact space as an institution.

Committee lead: Kwaku Frimpong

Executive Liaison: Morgan Arthur


The purpose of the Tech committee is to improve Booth students’ technology experience with Booth Resources including Intranet, Chalk, GTS, BoothBook, and iBid.

Committee lead: Kaan Avdan

Committee members: Dennis Chen, Sophia Roman, Jackie Quartner

Executive Liaison: Santiago Vazquez