GBC Committees


Academics, Career & Alumni


To ensure that Booth maintains its reputation for academic excellence, push the hiring rates for students even higher, and strengthen alumni bonds to Booth.

Committee Lead: Emma Granowitz

Committee Members: Pelumi Bamgbala, Logan Goldenhuys, Marisa Filter, Shawn Lee & Neha Saxena

Executive Liaison: Ed Kent



To build and strengthen connections within the Booth community by facilitating social events.

Committee Lead: Andrew Johnson

Committee Members: Frieda Adu-Brembong, Bianca DiSanto, Ariel Greenhouse, Drew Kelly, Reed Kolbe, Sean Lee, Tim Tam & Jonathon Zuniga

Executive Liaison: Hyebin Park



To offer a platform for Boothies to discuss and learn about important but underrepresented topics

Committee Lead: Pelumi Bamgbala

Committee Members: Melvin Emesibe, Lawrence Hipolito, Jennie Olson, Neha Saxena & Michael Smertz

Executive Liaison: Monica Singh



To connect the Booth Community to the broader Chicago Community and to ensure Booth is an engaged and active member of the Chicago community.

Committee Lead: Priya Raina & Josiah Hood

Committee Members: Jessica Brenninkmeijer, Brian Dhingra, Emma Granowitz, Pratique Kain, Drew Kelly & Morgan Tuff

Executive Liaison: Monica Singh

diversity, equity, INCLUSION & Belonging


To create sustainable and impactful Diversity & Inclusion initiatives within the Booth community.

Committee Lead: Andrea Diaz

Committee Members: Frieda Adu-Brempong, Holli Dobay, Carlos Peniche, Priya Raina & Kennedy Sapp

Executive Liaisons: Monica Singh



To return to normal facility life, and an improvement in facility social/networking integration.

Committee Lead: Gloria Maciorowski

Committee Members: Josh Donoho, Andrew Johnson, Joe Lauberth & Jessie Olson

Executive Liaison: Juan Francisco Hidalgo



To make the international student community at Booth feel heard, engaged and included.

Committee Lead: Carlos Peniche

Committee Members: Tosin Adeosun, Jessica Brenninkmeijer, Logan Geldenhuys, Kanav Gupta & Pratique Kain

Executive Liaison: Monica Singh

IGBC (Intra-GBC)


To provide transparency and communication on GBC activities and create an inclusive, supportive and lively community within GBC.

Committee Lead: Jonathon Zuniga

Committee Members: Brian Dhingra, Holli Dobay & Josiah Hood

Executive Liaison: Forrest Petterson



To bring students together with faculty, PhD students, partners and families through periodic events.

Committee Lead: Morgan Tuff

Committee Members: Melvin Emesibe, Reed Kolbe, Joe Lauberth, Kennedy Sapp & Teddy Terezis

Executive Liaison: Ed Kent

Random walk


To facilitate the creation of long-lasting relationships between incoming and current Booth students through activity-based international trips.

Committee Leads: Ariel Greenhouse & Michael Smertz

Committee Members: Tosin Adeosun Ying Lin, Miranda Pollard, Tim Tam & Jeff Yao

Executive Liaison: Juan Francisco Hidalgo

Signature Events


To throw the biggest, most memorable all-school events that everyone feels welcome at!

Committee Lead: Elika Mazhar

Committee Members: Andrea Diaz, Bianca DiSanto, Lawrence Hipolito, Kevin Li, Ying Lin, Gloria Maciorowski, Katie O’Brien & Teddy Terezis

Executive Liaison: Hyebin Park

technology & Communications


To keep all Full-Time MBA students informed, connected, and included by enhancing the student technology experience and optimizing Booth communications

Committee Lead: Marisa Filter

Committee Members: Josh Donoho, Kanav Gupta, Kevin Li, Elika Mazhar, Miranda Pollard & Jeff Yao

Executive Liaison: Ed Kent