Co-Presidents: Bilal Baqar & Molly Cosgrove


Acts as a liaison between students and alumni to plan events that bring these groups together (e.g., Axe Throwing, Cooking Classes, small group discussions). They coordinate quarterly initiatives, including Alumni Spotlight, assist with graduation celebrations, and partner closely with the Booth Alumni Relations Office to facilitate communication with alumni and assist with programming.

Board Member: Kathleen McGing

General Assembly: Andrew Lamore, Diane Less, Alex Loo


Academic Services team partners with Booth Academics and Faculty team to support academic success of E/W student community. Academics team mission is to enhance student's academic experience through wide range of academic programs, including development workshop and faculty engagement.

Board Member: Cathy Wang

General Assembly: Charlotte Li, Pouya Teymourpour


Partners with the Booth Career Services department to create programming intended that helps students with their career-related goals and ensures that students in the program are aware of and know how to leverage the career resources available to them through the school.

Board Member: Lynette Miranda

General Assembly: Larry Ferguson Jr., Kapil Gudivada, Sudarshan Sivareddy


Helps facilitate the creation and continuation of strong bonds in a LAUNCH class, or cohort, finding ways to connect and grow the networks started during LAUNCH. They advise teams from each LAUNCH cohort with planning and execution of events and partner closely with the Student Life team to assist with executing the Life After LAUNCH program.

Board Member: John Belshe

General Assembly: Simon Chen, Elliot Choi, Ben Cohen, Carolyn Hickey, Tim Schwieterman


Oversees SAC's initiative to improve the E/W student experience for current students outside the Chicago metro. Working closely with the Booth administration and other SAC co-chairs, they shape and identify opportunities for this relatively new initiative, launched in 2019. They work to cultivate stronger connections with students and alumni in cities with a high concentration of Booth students and provide access to social and career-focused programming.

Board Member: Ayuko Morikawa

General Assembly: Sid Dasari, Drupadh Yalamanchili


Partners with Booth administration to improve awareness, dialogue, and educational engagement about diversity and inclusion within the E/W student experience. They work closely with the SAC Co-Presidents and Booth administration to advocate for DE&I improvements on behalf of students. The DEI chairs also serve on the newly formed DDAC and have direct access to deans and other leaders from DEI-focused student groups. They aim to foster an inclusive community, promote open communication, and publicize the DE&I resources and programming available to students.

Board Member: Rupa Ramadurai

General Assembly: Uma Mahto, Khadijat Olayiwola, Julie Tran

LAUNCH Mentor Coordinator

Oversees and manages student mentors, represents the student mentors, and liaise with Student Life who plan LAUNCH, the part-time student orientation, which occurs four times per year. Select student mentors quarterly for each incoming Evening and Weekend class. They manage and lead the mentor group throughout the new student experience and partner closely with Student Life.

Board Member: Shaheer Siddiqi

General Assembly:  Alex Johnson, Anoop Vijayan


Initiates programmatic collaboration and plans cross-program events across three channels: 1) Chicago Booth's Full-time and Executive programs, 2) the University of Chicago community-at-large, and 3) other business schools in the city. They also keep the E/W MBA population connected to the UChicago Graduate Council by attending biweekly meetings and sharing Graduate Council news and resources.

Board Member: Wayne Zheng

General Assembly: Taylor Hunt, Yuvi Kumar


Leads philanthropic fundraising and volunteer programming throughout the year, including collaboratively planning the MBA Field Day event. MBA Field Day is an outdoor charity fundraising event that brings students from part-time MBA programs across the city together for a day of fun and giving back. They work with the Booth administration and student leaders from Northwestern and other part-time programs to promote participation in the event.

Board Member: Salman Sikandar

General Assembly: Osama Abdallah, Jessica Nick, Diana Sanborn


Manages the SAC Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn pages, creating unique, relevant content to engage E/W MBA students digitally. They work to keep students connected and informed about upcoming events.

Board Member: Edita Kuberka

General Assembly: Vaidhi Sabesan, Poojan Wagh


Leads the planning, budgeting, promotion, and execution of high-profile annual events such as Boat Cruise, Winter Formal, Spring Fling, Cubs Game, etc. They work with third-party vendors and the Student Life Office to ensure events are high-quality, thoroughly planned, and on budget.

Board Member: Ty Kapitzky

General Assembly: Boyuan Shi, Paulina Siodlak


Plan and oversee E/W MBA programming that fosters an environment of camaraderie among students and strengthens their experience at Booth. They are the internal and external advocates for the student population and represent student interests related to school-wide programs and policies that impact students' ability to maximize their time at Booth.

Board Members: Rosemary Concepcion

General Assembly: Ravina Desai, Yash Khandelwal, Ashvin Veligandla, Nisha Venkatesan


Responsible for identifying technology initiatives that could enhance the E/W MBA student experience and partners with Booth IT staff to understand what's possible and share student feedback. They also design and manage the E/W MBA Slack workspace.

Board Member: Tom Pacer

General Assembly: Mitchell Liao


Collaborates with the Co-Presidents to track and manage the SAC budget and oversees the Community Fund, an application-based fund available to student groups for collaborative events.

Board Member: Robert Cui

General Assembly: Paul Li, Will Lutterman