The GRaduate program in health administration and policy

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The University of Chicago Booth is home to the oldest interdisciplinary program in healthcare management in the United States. Since UChicago's healthcare program was founded in 1934, the University has trained thousands of leaders in the field — talented individuals now leading major medical centers, health care organizations, universities, government agencies, foundations, insurance companies, and consulting firms across the country.

The program exists today as the Graduate Program In Health Administration and Policy (GPHAP).

GPHAP is a Certificate program that Booth students may complete during the two years of their MBA. The curriculum is highly flexible and adaptable to each student's healthcare interests.

What makes GPHAP unique among healthcare management programs is its interdisciplinary focus and collaborative mindset. As a Booth Student enrolled in GPHAP, you become part of a cohort including students from the Priztker School of Medicine, the Law School, the Harris School of Public Policy, the School of Social Service Administration (SSA). You take two capstone healthcare classes as part of this cohort, in which you will debate with and learn from your classmates through interactive case studies and applied consulting projects. In this way, the GPHAP classroom resembles the interdisciplinary dynamic of real-world healthcare organizations.

In addition to these two capstone courses, GPHAP students also may enroll in a variety of healthcare electives offered by any of the University of Chicago graduate schools. For a list of healthcare-related courses offered at UChicago and available to Booth students, please see the Courses page.

Students who are admitted to Booth may apply for GPHAP the summer before their matriculation. For more information on the program, please visit the GPHAP website.