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Booth's flexible curriculum allows students to develop expertise in healthcare while simultaneously building a strong foundation in business and management.

Core Booth courses in Strategy, Finance, Operations, and other disciplines equip future healthcare leaders with the tools they need to succeed in all business environments.

Booth's curriculum - one of the most flexible among US programs - gives students the ability to specialize in healthcare, even in the first year of their MBA. A wide selection of healthcare classes offered across the University allows students to specialize in the topics that interest them the most.

The Graduate Program in Health Administration and Policy (GPHAP) and the Masters Program in Biomedical Informatics are also available to Booth students who wish to further formalize their healthcare knowledge.


Healthcare companies need and want Booth talent.

Students pursue diverse healthcare careers, from pharma/device marketing to healthcare consulting to digital health venture capital.

The top healthcare companies recruit at Booth. Recruiting companies represent leaders in their respective industry segments, and include companies like Abbvie, Abbott, Baxter, Athenahealth, Intermountain Healthcare, McKinsey, and Medtronic.

Booth Career Services offers tools and resources specific to healthcare recruiting, and employs a number of healthcare subject experts as Career Coaches.

HCG second years consistently provide advice and support to first years to guide them through their recruiting journey.


The Booth healthcare network serves students and alumni for many years after they leave Hyde Park.

Hundreds of Booth alumni work in healthcare across the world. They cluster in healthcare hubs like Chicago, New York, Boston, San Francisco and Minneapolis, as well as large and small cities across the country.

The Booth alumni is one of the oldest and largest networks in the nation. Booth's "pay it forward" culture permeates this network, and alumni and students constantly help each other build contacts, change careers, and learn about the industry. Alumni are always eager to help Booth students.

Healthcare Boothies love to help other Boothies.

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  • Courses - for a sample listed of healthcare courses offered at UChicago, see our Courses page
  • Curriculum - For more information on Booth's curriculum, please visit the full-time program website on Academics
  • Certificate and degree programs - for information on GPHAP, see our quick description or the official GPHAP website. For information on the Masters Program on Biomedical Informatics, look here
  • Career - please visit the Career Services website for more information on resources and career coaches. Also see HCG's Activities page for information on recruiting support that the club provides
  • Network - Contact a Boothie to learn more about the Booth culture and why our alumni are our greatest resource. Talk to an HCG co-chair or contact Admissions to connect with another Booth student volunteer.